$1.9M Funding Round

Shaped is proud to announce our $1.9 million funding round!

$1.9M Funding Round
April 27, 2022
 min read
Tullie Murrell

Our round includes an impressive set of investors and angels. We raised from Y-Combinator, Liquid 2 Ventures, Rogue Capital, Susa Ventures, Uncommon Capital, Ace & Company, Tribe Capital, and Global Founders Capital. Our angels include execs and directors from Twitter, Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Afterpay, Yelp, Forge, ClickUp, and partners from Kleiner Perkins and Mango Capital.

This is a big milestone for the team. We’re grateful to have such an amazing set of investors and supporters joining the Shaped family.

The Shaped Journey

Shaped helps companies create frictionless content discovery experiences through feeds, recommendations and notifications. Our product is an API that helps any developer, without machine-learning expertise,  add ranking into their applications. One of the great things about Shaped is that we connect directly to your data stack allowing new models to be trained within hours — even if your data is unstructured or not as organized as you want.

Over the last 6 months we launched our initial product and started to work with a group of customers that love using Shaped. We went through the Y-Combinator W22 batch and had the chance to work closely with Michael Seibel (the ex-CEO of Twitch and YC partner) and other amazing YC partners.

Where next?

The funding puts us one step closer to our mission to help developers add world-class ranking into their products. Ultimately, we aim to make AI more accessible to everyone. We’re going to use the capital to keep building out our product and community.

Want to hear more updates about Shaped? Follow us on Linkedin and Twitter. Do you want a demo of Shaped? Let us know. Are you interested in joining Shaped? Get in touch.

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