Real-time Segment and Amplitude Connectors

Ben Theunissen
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Shaped is excited to announce that we now support real-time data streaming connectors for Amplitude and Segment.

Personalization AI is transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. By leveraging data, companies can deliver targeted and relevant messages to each individual, creating a more engaging and personalized experience. One of the most critical components of personalization AI is real-time data streaming.

Real-time data streaming enables businesses to collect and process data as it happens. This approach allows for more immediate insights and faster decision-making. Reducing the mean-time of data ingestion from hours or days, to seconds, personalization AI can identify patterns and trends in customer behavior in real-time, enabling it to deliver unique and targeted experiences at the right time.

At Shaped, we recognize the huge value gain of real-time data streaming for personalization AI. That's why we're excited to announce that we now support real-time data streaming connectors for Amplitude and Segment, the two market-leading Customer Data Platforms (CDP). Our customers can now leverage these connectors to forward data to Shaped in real-time, enabling our platform to create even more engaging personalized experiences for their customers.

Integrating real-time connectors

1. Write your Dataset config file and provision

Provision a real-time dataset with a simple file configuration, and use of the Shaped CLI:

2. Create a model with your dataset

Then create a Shaped model using the dataset as a connector, using SQL to transform the source data accordingly:

Fundamentally, Shaped helps businesses better understand their users, content, and products. To achieve this, we've done all the necessary machine learning and data engineering work to pull, organize, and analyze your data. This understanding has helped our customers create better, personalized recommendations and ranking experiences for their products.

Read more about integrating with the Segment and Amplitude connectors with our brand-new documentation page, that we will be continually updating in the coming weeks with new exciting features!

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