Doubling Conversions on a Fashion 'For You' page

The fashion marketplace, Brandazine, saw a 2.2x increase in conversions on their ‘For You’ page with Shaped.

About Brandazine

Fashion marketplace based in South Korea

  • Founded in 2019
  • Employees24
  • HeadquartersSeoul
  • FundingPrivate

Brandazine is a two-sided fashion rental marketplace that connects creators and brands. Creators gain unlimited access to brands for their content creation while brands are able to discover and manage thousands of creators.

The Challenge

Improving product discovery for the long tail

Brandazine faced the challenge of effectively organizing their extensive fashion catalog, which consisted of thousands of products, in a way that aligned with seasons, preferences, and popularity. Ensuring equitable exposure for all products while facilitating fair discovery proved to be a complex task.

Within the catalog, a handful of items were consistently favored, leading to repeated bookings and low availability, while a significant portion of similar high quality products in the ‘long tail’ remained underutilized. This created a self-perpetuating cycle where popular products perpetually dominated rankings and made it challenging to break free from this pattern.

When searching for a solution that could solve this challenge Brandazine considered several vendors and a DIY approach. Ultimately they chose Shaped due the team’s ranking expertise, customizability of the APIs, ease of integration and the low on-going maintenance required. 

“Improving product discovery for the long tail is crucial to growing our revenue”
Matt, CEO at Brandazine

Shaped expanded the coverage of products with personalization

A bar graph showing the number of products that are shown.
A bar graph showing the number of different products.

Shaped created AI-models to personalize the 'For you' page for each user by analyzing their behavior, viewing patterns, and content preferences. This means that instead of all users seeing the same set of popular items, all users are recommended a unique set of products tailored to their interests. In addition, the 'For you' page now also adapts to users' actions within seconds.


Shaped resulted in a doubling of conversions

Implementing Shaped resulted in a 2.2x increase in conversions on the ‘For You’ page. Furthermore the integration was straightforward, only taking a few days.

A bar chart showing the number of rows of columns.
A bar chart showing the percentage of views and views.
“Shaped's understanding of our data and ability to create a bespoke solution that fits our needs has been impressive. We have loved working with them so far.”
Matt, CEO at Brandazine
Next Steps

Implementing Shaped across the Brandazine app to continue to grow revenue

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