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Increasing Watch Time by 131%

Live shopping beauty community Supergreat saw a significant increase in average time spent watching videos with Shaped.

About Supergreat

A beauty community reviewing products, sharing skin care routines, and shopping daily drops

  • Founded in 2018
  • Employees39
  • HeadquartersNYC
  • Funding$29M

Supergreat is transforming the way people discover beauty products. Through user-generated video content, users post their honest reviews, tutorials, and product unboxing videos.

The Challenge

AWS Personalize fell short on real-time personalization and diversity

Supergreat faced significant challenges with their previous recommendation system developed with AWS Personalize. While AWS Personalize offers many benefits, it falls short in it's real-time ranking capability. In the beauty industry, it's imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. AWS Personalize was only able incorporate user feedback every 2 hours and re-train models every 7 days, a lag which often resulted in out-of-date or irrelevant recommendations.

This lag contributed to a feeling that the recommendations were 'too generic and not personalized and diverse enough'. After running internal tests, it became clear that AWS Personalize wasn't delivering the increase of engagement expected. Recognizing this shortfall, Supergreat embarked on a mission to improve personalization for their users.

Supergreat rigorously evaluated multiple vendors and considered building their own in-house solution. Ultimately, they chose Shaped, attracted by its team's deep social media expertise, real-time capability, the flexibility of its customizable APIs, and low maintenance required.

"Results with AWS Personalize weren’t great and not driving engagement."
Jon, VP of Engineering at Supergreat

Shaped improved personalization and diversity with real-time ranking

Videos viewed chart

Shaped created bespoke ranking models that enhanced personalization and diversified recommendations shown to users. Regarding diversification, remarkably the number of distinct videos watched in the Supergreat library quadrupled. Leveraging Shaped's real-time capabilities, the Supergreat app now seamlessly adapts and personalizes to users' actions in seconds.


Shaped resulted in a 131% increase in watch time

Watch time chart

Implementing Shaped resulted in a significant boost in engagement. Users are spending more time on the platform, engaging more deeply with the content, and discovering products that are more aligned with their beauty preferences. Furthermore the integration with Shaped was easy, only taking a few days.

"Shaped was easy to integrate, and our users are more engaged than ever."
Jon, VP of Engineering at Supergreat
Next Steps

Implementing Shaped into more parts of the Supergreat app to continue to grow metrics

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